• We offer digital solutions for respiratory diseases.

    We believe in self management of healthcare.

  • Our solutions help in reducing the cost on individual, government and promote health.

  • Digital Health Advisory System for Chronic Respiratory Diseases.


SalcitTM Technologies

Our Vision and Mission

Be the leader in providing digital health solutions for respiratory diseases.

Leverage technology in reducing mortality rate and disease spread rate for respiratory diseases by providing best in class digital health solutions.

Digital Health Solutions

Our Innovation is primarily targeted for developing an Internt of Things (IoT) based solution
for Respiratory Digital Health Services

Patent No. 308156 granted by Indian Patent office Titled

Our Journey

Research Project

Our journey started with a research project funded by ITRA (Information Technology Research Academy) with focus on Acoustic Signal Analysis for Healthcare.

ITRA (https://itra.medialabasia.in/ ), is a National Programme initiated by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India, aimed at building national resource for advancing the quality and quantity of R&D in ICT strengthening culture of IT based problem solving & societal development.

ITRA had shortlisted our team as one of the prominent teams in commercializing the research work through a Startup.

Acoustic Signal Analysis

As we started understanding the details we narrowed down our focus in building Digital Solutions for Respiratory Diseases using Respiratory Sound Analysis.

The Problem and Opportunity

The Problem

Lack of cost effective & lab free methods for early diagnosis of CRDs. One common point for CRDs like COPD, Asthma, ILD, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and Pneumonia (PN), is these diseases gets worsen if not diagnosed early.

Assessment of treatment efficacy. Patients who fail treatment continue to be infectious, spreading disease to others and running increased risks of morbidity and mortality.

Lack of Accurate & Differentiated Diagnosis. Respiratory sounds carry vital information on the state of the respiratory system, but the field of sound analysis for clinical utility is in its infancy.


Build an advisory system (a) To reduce the cost on Government & Promote health. (b) Provide early detection as service & contain productivity losses. (c) Improve self management of care. (d) Facilitate respiratory sound analysis for clinical utility.


We believe that understanding sound characteristics (cough, craclkes, and stridors) will aid in early screening for many chronic respiratory diseases.
We are also interested in understanding how these signals can really bring differential diagnosis.
Integrating the respiratory sound analysis with other symptoms (gathered using Q&A), will have more impact in assessing the condition.

Meet the Team

In our company we have assembled only certified and experiences employees
who stand behind their promise to deliver quality services.

SVN comes with extensive experience in working with reputed Multinational Companies. Published 3 patents. Experience in an entrepreneurial stint in developing iStudymate– a mobile learning platform.
Naveen has excellent background in embedded system design. Involved in designing hardware systems for multiple projects.
Baswaraj is an enthusiastic young engineer with excellent back ground in machine learning and mobile software development technologies.
Experience in health care domain.
MD Chest, Sai Siddhartha Hospital.

Social Relevance

Our Innovation

Non-invasive and more natural method to detect the probable presence of inflammation in the respiratory system and provide an advice to the patient at the earliest.

Rural health services

With health services in rural and remote areas is greatly affected due to limited funding and other resource constraints, sustainability of rural health services, is dependent extensively on technology, to transplant a modified urban health services to rural areas. Our solution is a transplanted modified urban health-service extended to rural patients.


Governmental Control Over Industries

Won preliminary round BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award

Won BIRAC-SOCH (Solutions for Community Health) award under theme Platform technologies for Reducing Disease Burden (Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases).

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Governmental Control Over Industries

Recommended for BIRAC BIG Grant

Salcit Technologies has been recommended for BIRAC BIG Grant (Call 12).

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Governmental Control Over Industries

Received Bronze Medal at China Fair Award.

Received Bronze Medal for the Invention Cough and Wheeze Analyzer for Chronic Respiratory Diseases at the 2nd World Invention and Innovation Fair held at China.

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We Need a Manufacturing Renaissance

Salcit Technologies Recognized by StarupIndia

Very happy to share that Salcit Technologies Private Limited is recognized as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion on 6 Nov 2017. Certificate Number is :DIPP11506.

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We Need a Manufacturing Renaissance

Received Silver Medal at International Innovation Fair

Very happy to share that we received Sliver Medal for our innovation at International innovation fair held at Visakhapatnam, India on 9 - 12 Sep 2017.

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Governmental Control Over Industries

Attended National Workshop on ‘Innovative ICT Application Initiatives for Rural Development"

We got an invitation to showcase our innovation at NIRDPR Hyderabas as part of National Workshop on ‘Innovative ICT Application Initiatives for Rural Developmen. NIRDPR conducted this workshop jointly with Media Lab Asia.

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