Simplified Assessments

Remote assessment of critical data like symptoms, temperature, oxygen saturation using a smartphone.

Cough Analysis

Audiometric analysis of cough sounds with critical data from assessments to monitor and assess lung health.

Instant Results

Reports under less than 2 minutes and dashboard to manage respiratory health data of multiple patients.

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Swaasa is driven by patented AI technology that assesses respiratory health through audiometric analysis of cough sounds in conjunction with critical data from an individual’s temperature, oxygen saturation, existing medical history, past activity, and other symptoms.
This AI is an ensemble of advanced machine learning models working together to generate instant insights about respiratory health, indicative patterns, and severity of the condition if any.

Salcit is recognised for its impact on community health and awarded a grant by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India


Be the leader in providing digital health solutions for respiratory diseases.


At the heart of the solution is a patented ML model that allows us to bring the functionality of spirometry unbounded by time, space, specialized equipment and trained professionals. This core ability allows the solution to be rapidly deployed at scale to screen and surveil.

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Dr. Anand Krishnan, MD, PhD. Professor, Centre for Community Medicine - All India Institute of Medical Sciences

"Screening for chronic respiratory diseases is an unmet need as due to limited human expertise and lab facilities, it is not possible to do pulmonary function tests at primary care level centres. Any technology / tool which can facilitate screening and identify whether the problem is attributed to airway or lung parenchyma/pleura will be a highly useful value proposition for the appropriate next intervention. Swaasa tool developed by Salcit Technologies addresses this need, the timing is right to validate and introduce such technologies in the country."

Dr. Sai Praveen Haranath Pulmonologist - Apollo Hospitals

As a case-study by Salcit on application of machine learning and AI on continuous monitoring of respiratory sounds helps in getting to know the lung condition. For instance, Sound records on lung collapse will be useful information (ahead of X-ray), especially when the intensities are very low or sounds are absent. Temporal analysis on change in sound pattern helps in managing the disease condition. Similarly, exceptional cases are likely to be very meaningful such as silence and ILD pattern for early detection.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Venkat Yechuri


Venkat has over two decades of experience internationally strategizing businesses, building products, and creating an inspiring environment to grow as a team. Before being the CEO of Salcit Technologies, Venkat held leadership roles across various industries and is an uplifting coach and mentor. He brings in his expertise to make Salcit Technologies grow and embrace complex & diverse challenges the healthcare industry brings in.

Narayana Rao Sripada

Founder and CTO

Narayana comes with extensive experience in the technological space, working with reputed multinational companies, and played diverse roles.
He was co-inventor for multiple granted and published patents. He started his entrepreneurial journey with iStudymate, a mobile learning platform that a partner in Malaysia later acquired. He is passionate about innovating and building products. With Swaasa, Narayana wants to make respiratory healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

Manmohan Jain


Manmohan has over 20 years of experience in diverse technical and managerial roles, including software design, product development, technical management, and operations. He brings his technological expertise and innovation to improve our products continuously.
He enjoys enabling and mentoring startups and works with them in improving their processes and operations.
He is passionate about improving literacy and the quality of education among the less privileged children in India.

Dr. Prasant Mohapatra

Member, Advisory Board

Prof. Prasant Mohapatra is the vice-chancellor for research and professor in computer science at the University of California, Davis.
A doctorate and recipient of Outstanding Engineering Alumni from Penn State University, his career has been focused on teaching and research. He has over USD 15 million in research grants from government agencies and corporates. His strong R&D capabilities and deep understanding of computer science help us develop products backed by technological and clinical rigor.

Dr. Rengan Rajagopalan

Member, Advisory Board

Dr. Rajagopalan Rengan is a Pulmonary Disease Specialist with diverse experience. Dr. Rajagopalan Rengan is affiliated with many hospitals, including Memorial Hospital Of Salem County, Crozer Chester Medical Center, Riddle Memorial Hospital, St Mary Medical Center, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. He brings in his expertise to keep up with the latest research in the medical field, especially in pulmonary disease and critical care.

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